Whats In Your Water?

While general concern over tap water's healthfulness continues, “Is my water clean? Is my water safe? Does my water contain contaminants?” To answer these questions, BuyDirectWaterFilters.com has identified the best resources available up to date and is actively researching the latest innovations in the industry that can further improve the quality of water consumption with maximum benefits of well-being.

US has one of the safest drinking water supplies in the entire world.  The governing branch; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the safety of the drinking water quality through the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) that was passed by the government in 1974. The EPA continuously monitors the substances and health effects of the water by recording the count and categorizing any harmful elements which still subsist. There are approximately 260 regulated, and unregulated substances found. Over 90% of the tap water studied complied with the EPA; however, 141 unregulated elements continue to exist in the water. Currently, the EPA is studying 51 compounds found in drinking water that is thought to be toxic. The responsibility of the EPA is to determine the maximum contaminate levels of all substances by enforcing the proper treatment of the water at its source.

It is also vital to note that various industries significantly pollute the water channels. There are approximately 181,000 industrial waste sites, 13,000 municipal landfills, and 100,000 ruptured underground gasoline storage tanks in the US. All of these sites leak substances into the water supply. Chemicals that are also dumped onto or pumped into the ground can easily get into the water supply. Pesticides sprayed for agriculture, highway de-icing, and many other common practices additionally can contaminate the waterways. 

To inform the general public, the Department of Water and Power provides reports of water quality on an annual basis.  All public water suppliers are required to publish consumer confidence reports mid-year to notify consumers of any water quality issues; the EPA however, does not monitor private wells or compact systems.

Water contamination could occur through its journey from the treatment plant to the general population. The lead and asbestos cement pipes that are prevalent in municipal water distribution systems can allow harmful substances to leach into the water.  Even chlorine and chloramines that are used to disinfect the water can react with naturally-occurring organic materials in the water to create toxic and harmful compounds.

Water may also be contaminated right at home or business.  Some older structures have lead pipes or plumbing systems that use lead-based solder to join copper pipes. Both can allow leading to leach into the water. The use of water treatment systems such as point-of-entry and whole house water softeners, as well as reverse osmosis systems and point-of-use, would be the ideal solution for quality purified water.

Technical aspects of water purification can be a bit overwhelming for consumers who do not spend the majority of their time in the water industry. Understanding common consumer's concern BuyDirectWaterFilters.com has created an easy to use platform with choices in water filtration no matter where life may take you. At BuyDirectWaterFilters.com we are committed and are ready to help you find a water filter that works for you.

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